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Dr. Mohamed Karbal on Laws Of Libya, Expert Libyan Attorney

As a Libyan Lawyer, Dr. Karbal frequently publishes comparative and analytical articles on laws of Libya.

An arbitrator and lawyer licensed to practice law in Libya, New York and Washington D.C. He is the founder and Managing of Karbal & Co, a leading Libyan law firm with offices in Washington D.C., Libya and Istanbul, Turkey.

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Human Rights in Libya: During and After Gaddafi

Violations of human rights are committed by all countries with varying degrees of severity.  Most states, especially third-world countries, such as Libya, openly violate human rights principles against their citizens without apologizing.  Other countries, such as the U.S. and Britain, as will be demonstrated in this article, violate their human rights laws but mainly against…

Libya’s New Financial Regulatory Agency: Can it Boost Trading in Libya

 Libya’s New Financial Regulatory Agency’s aim to diversify its economic activity by strengthening its financial sector and encouraging investments may prove a success, as the creation of a new financial regulatory agency may restore investor confidence and increase liquidity on the Libyan Stock Market (LSM). Libya’s New Financial Regulatory Agency History of the Libyan Stock…

The Latest Legal Row Over Libyan Oil -Laws Of Libya

The Latest Legal Row over Libyan Oil: PC Clashes with NOC The Latest Legal Row Over Libyan Oil -Laws Of Libya By Dr. Mohamed Karbal Leading Libyan Lawyer Since the fall of Gaddafi in 2011, the Libyan oil industry has suffered a loss through the closure of its oil ports and the fall in oil…

Libyan Maritime Law Liability For Collisions -Maritime Lawyer Dr.Karbal

Liability for Collisions under Libyan Maritime Law-Maritime Case Libya Maritime Law By Dr. Mohamed Karbal It is a known fact that the Libyan people are still struggling to establish a strong central government in order to fulfill the hopes and aspirations that inspired the revolution of February 17, 2011, Libyan Maritime Law . At present,…


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